Nine Magical Stories


The Colossuses from Tierra del Fuego
Ana tells Andrés
about this beautiful myth
told by the ancient dwellers of
southern Argentina that explains
how the world was created.

Las Ciguapas
Andrés finds out that Ciguapas,
creatures that live in the Dominican Republic,
have their feet on backwards.
This is his big chance to explain
what he's discovered to his big sister Ana.
The Day of the Dead
Ana tells Andrés
everything about
this curious Mexican
holiday that
honors the dead.

The Guardians of the Treasure
All children love pirate stories,
and Andrés is no exception, of course.
Here, he tells Ana the story of a treasure
hidden in Cuba, and of the
adventures of Juanito.
The Festival of the Flowers
Ana takes a journey
with Andrés through this colorful
Colombian celebration being honored
as Cultural Heritage of that nation.
The Feast of Saint James The Apostle in Loíza
Andrés receives a wonderful present
from his godmother...
a mysterious mask from
The Feast of Saint James the
Apostle, a Puerto Rican tradition
that has spread past its borders.
The Feast of the Sun
Andres receives an invitation
to join the celebration of Inti Raymi,
so he comes to Ana to find out
about this ancient celebration,
during which the Incas adored the Sun.
The Myth of the Volcanoes
Ana tells Andrés
this beautiful myth
about the origins
of the most famous
pair of volcanoes in Mexico.
La Llorona
Ana and Andrés go camping
and find the perfect opportunity to tell scary stories.
Come and enjoy this spine-tingling tale which
has a different version in many of our countries.
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