Saber Latino


What is Saber Latino?
Saber Latino is the only animated cartoon series on DVD created specifically
so that Hispanic children living outside their home countries can learn more
about their Latin American heritage.
Through short and simple animations, Saber Latino imparts
essential knowledge about our Latin American roots.

Our Mission
Saber Latino’s mission is to create DVD’s with animations
for Latin American families. Our main objective is that
children who watch our DVD’s learn
about our cultural roots, and that they learn
to love this heritage and be curious about it too.

Who will it benefit?
All children who watch our DVD’s will learn something about
our Latin American roots. Many of our stories are new,
even for the parents themselves. Saber Latino allows parents and
children to enjoy a bonding experience and to share
some quality time together as a family.

Why English and Spanish?
Rather than teaching English to Spanish-speaking children or the other way around, Saber Latino wants them to learn these
stories in their language of choice. We know that some of our children
with Latin American roots don’t speak Spanish, but that shouldn’t
keep them from enjoying our stories.

What are Saber Latino’s future plans?
From the beginning we wanted to create a DVD series that comprised
various aspects of our culture. Our intention is to continue
developing this series, and we are working to bring you the following titles
as soon as possible- Saber Latino: Food and Recipes;
Saber Latino: Traditional Rhythms and Dances;
Saber Latino: Illustrious Characters; and
Saber Latino: Our Countries.


Claudia Cazorla (Script writer and Voiceover)
Born in Caracas, Venezuela. In New York, Claudia has worked as an Editor for
Círculo de Lectores, contributed as a Journalist for, and the following
Latin magazines: Batanga, Divino, Rock Clandestino and La Zona Pop.
She has also was worked as a freelance Translator for Hispanic advertising agencies
Latinvox and Siboney USA, and as a Proofreader for Random House, Knopf
and Vintage. She currently works as a Translator, Editor and Proofreader
for Dan González & Associates, a Hispanic publishing and marketing agency.

Pedro Ros (Director and animator)
Born in Caracas, Venezuela. He headed several independent projects,
including an animated video clip for Petroleo Loco rock band,
various web animations and he worked as a Digital Color Artist
for the Fox TV show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He also has worked
as a video editor for prominent video artists.


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